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Shannon-Erne Waterway and Blueway

The rivers Shannon and Erne are the main two river systems in Ireland and are linked by the recently restored Shannon Erne Waterway providing 750km of cruising waterway.

The Shannon-Erne Waterway links you to an incredible natural wonderland with a rich historical and cultural tradition. An easy pace of life combined with the delightful warmth and hospitality of the people produces an elixir which soothes the soul and sends you home with a shower of happy memories.

Your Unique Blueprint

Step back in time to castles, battles, heroes and kings; explore the vibrant, thriving modern arts and craft culture and get a taste of the new with innovative dining experiences that are sure to delight.

The Blueways offer a truly unique path into the lands surrounding some of Ireland’s stunning waterways, allowing you to experience a beautiful fusion of her past and present with a hint of the future to come. From leisurely strolls and gentle pedals and paddles, to adrenaline filled days on land and water.

This is your unique Blueways journey. Do it your way, at your own pace.

Blueway Trails

Create your own path and explore the Blueways, your way – along scenic trails, that will gently guide you on a unique journey through Ireland’s hidden heartlands, linking quaint towns and villages along the way. Ballinamore is Centrally located along some of the Blueways most unspoilt sections of Ireland. Watch the following video to give you a glimpse of what you could be doing on your next holiday with us at The Commercial & Tourist Hotel:

Get on the Blueways

Whether it’s meandering down rivers on guided Canadian canoes or enjoying the company of like-minded enthusiasts on guided walking tours – you won’t be short of ways to get on the Blueways.

There are expert local providers, dotted along each of our Blueway trails, to provide you with all the gear you need to safely head into the blue.

But there’s more to explore on the Blueways, from crumbling castles to prisoners’ islands, music and festivals to arts and crafts – heritage and culture on the Blueways is alive and all consuming.

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